Well, I’m Diego Cadena and I’m 16 years, Wannabe Fashion Designer, COLOMBIAN!

Amateur Fashion Illustrator,.. Love Dior, McQueen, Chanel, Versace & Elia Saab..
Love Drawing and Sketching Runway Looks
I Hope You Like my Work ;) XOXO FashionSketcher!

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Some Color for Spring!

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kkkhhhzzz asked: Hello :) I like your croquis style. Is there a genera for it?

No.. Because is a Personal croquis I think :3

Art! You can scarcely pick up a magazine or newspaper these days without coming across something about the volatility of the art world

Deconstruction, trompe l’oeil, collage, bricolage—this Chanel collection was a fest of art processes. You never get the sense that Lagerfeld is pushing himself; he makes everything look much too easy for that. 

Illustrations: Fashionsketcher!   Rnway Images:

Picture Grace Jones in one of her iconic hoods. That’s what Donatella Versace did as she was designing her new Atelier Versace collection. “She left a sign as a strong, powerful woman, a power goddess¨.

Illustrations: Fashionsketcher!  Runway Images:

"The Ice Queen and her court"  The designer could barely gasp one word to define her intent: “Icy.” But it wasn’t really that cold. What Burton designed had a blurry-edged softness, which came from the fur that lined hems, cuffs, and shoulder seams. 

Ilustrations: Fashionsketcher! Runway Images: